shepherdswan 10: Galatians 1:6-9

Verses 6-9 of Galatians are perhaps the strongest verses concerning false teaching in all the New Testament, if not the whole Bible. By them we understand that our trust in the gospel must be undaunted, our knowledge of it precise, and our presence in it unwavering. Join us as we expound these four potent verses.

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shepherdswan 8: Reaching the world

The Lord has given His church the mandate to evangelize the world, yet we all fail in numerous and diverse ways to see this out on a daily basis. Join us as we discuss the fourth and final arm of our vision – reaching the world.

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(Cautionary Clarification – during the episode we discuss the idea of personal testimony as an element of evangelism. Though we make clear the modern notion of personal testimony as an element of evangelism is invalid (I’m a happier/kinder/more successful person now that I know Jesus), we do not want to confuse that with the legitimate kind of personal testimony we see in Mark 5:1-20 (of the demon-possessed man being healed by Jesus and then commanded by him to go and tell his friends what had happened). In the same way that the miracles of Jesus worked as an apologetic, the personal testimony of a recipient of such a miracle works. Such miracles were undeniable and objective, as would be the testimony of the Gerasene demoniac to those who knew him. This is totally distinct from the common kinds of subjective personal testimony which provide no legitimate basis as an argument for Christianity, nor feature as an element ordained by God in Scripture as part of our evangelism.)

shepherdswan 7: Reforming churches

The Church is intended by God to be the home of the gospel, but all too often it is a place where good advice is given rather than good news. It was the Reformation that brought churches back to their original mandate, but in many ways and in many places, churches have forgotten their God-given purpose. Join us as we discuss the ‘reforming churches’ arm of our vision.

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shepherdswan 6: Revitalizing pastors

Pastors are an integral part of God’s plan for the Church. They are uniquely equipped to serve others, but not uniquely immune to discouragement – they are perhaps especially vulnerable. Given this they need all the revitalization available. Join us as we discuss the revitalization of pastors.

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